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Ultrasonography dating in the second trimester typically is based on regression formulas that incorporate variables such as. If you have a consistent day menstrual cycle, you most likely ovulated and conceived on day when ultrasound was used instead of certain lmp, the number of postterm pregnancies decreased from.

But even if this date is accurate, the assumption that. The sperm can live up to five days, and the ovum for up to 24 hours after being released. 22 0/7 weeks of gestational age should be considered suboptimally dated.

Hi Ladies, It just occurred to me that I could be 2 or 3 (or maybe even 4) weeks farther along in my pregnancy than what they told me.

For example, for a day-5 embryo, the edd would be 261 days from the embryo replacement date. To know your pregnancy weeks with this calculation, remember the first day of your last period. Using lmp method, you can calculate the due date by adding 40 weeks to first day of your last menstrual period. , assumes you ovulatedreleased an egg) on day 14 of your cycle , both are obtained logically, one might imagine we represent a pregnancy by how much time has elapsed since conception.DH and I started having sex again 5 weeks after I gave birth, so really we could have conceived anywhere between May 5th - May 30th (they must think we conceived sometime around the 15th because my EDD is Feb 18th). how accurate are they in telling you your due date by doing an ultrasound? Thanks :) If you had had an US earlier in pregnancy it probably would've been more accurate but I'd say even at 16 weeks it was fairly close.I wouldn't think it'd be off by 4 weeks and if you've had any additional US's and they are saying around the same thing then it's probably pretty accurate My early u/s for dating put my EDD 11 days before my later u/s. I'm not convinced the later date is the more accurate one, but most babies don't come on their due date anyway.Will probably induce early if he doesnt come on his own just due to size.

If your due date is the 18th then you would of conceived around the 28th of May.

There is no difference between the two calculators.

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My due date is the 19th and I got artificially inseminated on the 29th.

But as far as the ultrasounds they are usually fairly accurate....within a week. I have heard after the 1st trimester that babies start to grow at their own pace.

Perhaps this is because patients reason that since we can see more detail on ultrasound the further along one is (where we can see noses, ears, fingers, the chambers of the heart, etc.) the numbers should be more accurate. Just as children and adults of the same age can vary dramatically in height and weight, when a baby is past the first trimester he/she also can be larger or smaller than average, depending on genetics (how tall the parents are, how much they weighed at birth), nutrition, and coexisting medical conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.).