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Johnson soon began grooming her online, despite knowing she was 15, before meeting her twice in his £80,000 Range Rover in January 2015.

On the second occasion they engaged in sexual activity just three weeks after his girlfriend Stacey gave birth to their daughter Ayla.

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When allegations of child sex offences arose Ms Flounders initially stayed with Johnson, but during his trial it was revealed the pair had split.Johnson was found guilty of sexual activity with an underage girl and sentenced to six years in prison in March last year.But in video footage obtained by The Sun and published in April he bragged to other lags: "I wish I'd raped her for six year." Johnson went on: "I was going to the home games like, you park your car in the car park and she was at my car every game right, waiting for me, just standing there like in all the gear and tight jeans, little shirt, t**s out (makes crude gesture), not like skirts and that." The contempt for his victim was slammed by child abuse campaigners and dashed any hopes he had of a cushy move to a pen prison.Eventually, people began to recognize her as "that chick with the big voice." After some time spent performing solo at Bay Area (San Francisco) clubs and coffeehouses, Perry composed her first professional song, called "Down On Your Face," and was recruited into the band 4 Non Blondes by its founder Christa Hillhouse in the middle of 1989. In February 1994, Perry had a solo appearance in Roger Daltrey's production, album and video A Celebration: The Music of Pete Townshend and The Who.

After several years of playing locally and negotiating with various record companies, the band finally signed with Interscope Records and released its debut album, Bigger, Better, Faster, More! The album, featuring Perry as lead singer and dominated by her compositions, was an immediate success and spawned a hit single, the Perry-penned "What's Up? She shared the stage with the Juilliard Orchestra and members of The Who as she sang "Doctor Jimmy", "Acid Queen", "I'm Free" (in a duet with Roger Daltrey), and the encore for "Join Together" with original The Who members John Entwistle and Pete Townshend.

Her arrival in San Francisco would mark the beginning of a career in music, though not before waiting tables, working coat-check, and working at a pizzeria.

In San Francisco, Perry lived in a small, windowless room, and would play her guitar and sing her own songs on city streets.

Ms Flounders is reportedly struggling financially and is claiming tax credits to help raise their daughter — despite Johnson's estimated £15million fortune.

Johnson, who earned £60,000-a-week at Sunderland, told jurors that he was ashamed of his actions.

is an American singer-songwriter and record producer.