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If you’re one of the many who are strongly anticipating “The Dark Knight Rises,” you’ve likely already bought your IMAX ticket, booked the day off work/are planning to call in sick, told your significant other your cellphone will be turned off and you’ll be unavailable, circled the date on your calendar, and have been quietly ticking off the days until it hits theaters.Well, to make that wait a bit more bearable, Warner Bros.

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Tasha, who has a MBA degree from USC, and in addition to English speaks Spanish and Arabic fluently, isn’t interested in being part of the Hollywood lifestyle. Tasha went on to teach rapidly accelerating technologies at the same University.

Seems she’s a perfect fit for Joseph who once told Howard Stern has always had a phobia about getting attention from girls for being famous. Quinn, Medicine Woman.’ In 1996 Joseph was cast as Tommy Solomon in the hit comedy ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ opposite an all-star cast of comedians – John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart and original ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Jane Curtin.

First Look of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt with his son in New York City, New York on June 3, 2016. He made sure to hold the back of his head and kiss him while on his walk.

Joseph Gorden-Levitt and his wife Tasha Mc Cauley were spotted taking a walk in the Soho District, New York on May 31, 2016.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt started his career as a child with appearances on the television dramas ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ ‘Quantum Leap,’ ‘L. The actor is one of a handful of child stars who have been able to make the transition to adult star.

Joseph’s impressive film career includes starring roles ‘(500) Days of Summer,’ ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight.’ Joseph wrote, directed and starred in ‘Don Jon’ and it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt spent some quality time with his family as the photos below show.

With their son in a stroller, Joseph and his wife Tasha Mc Cauley took a walk around So Ho on Tuesday, May 31.

“So the thematic idea is that the superficial positivity is being eaten away from underneath; we tried to make that quite literal.” He also adds what we all know by now: the finale is “a unified statement, a real ending, a true conclusion.” “The Dark Knight Rises” opens July 20th.

Rumors that Cotillard and Gordon-Levitt would play Talia al Ghul and Alberto Falcone, respectively, have turned out to be false, or at least not as simple as a straight reveal.

The ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ star and the co-founder and CEO of Fellow Robots, a NASA based Research Park, welcomed their son in August 2015.