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Boundaries are only effective if they are known in advance.Responsibility and a feeling of self-control begin with a child knowing and understanding the breadth of their choices within those boundaries.So here’s what happens: they either get totally frustrated and decide to go ahead and set off as many “mines” as they can or they hide, keep their distance, and try not to upset the apple cart.

First, outline what you believe the behavior in your home should be — your “beliefs.” Then, determine what rules are needed to support those beliefs.You can develop behavioral beliefs and rules for any number of things, but I prefer to major on the majors, not the minors, so focus on areas such as modesty, honesty, respect, family contribution, curfew, use of the car, dating, substance abuse, church activities, abiding by the law, and education.These reflect recommendations from a five-year federally funded program evaluation by Auburn University.The course is listed as an “evidence based” program with NREPP – highest rating for youth interventions.They can dress how they want, but as soon as that clothing becomes immodest, they are stepping over a boundary, the modesty boundary.

If what they wear breaks the school’s dress code, they are stepping over the school’s boundaries.

This curriculum is delivered through activities that are informative, fun and affirmative.

A workbook helps teens apply curriculum concepts to their own lives.

As adults, we can’t just haul off and whack someone over the head if we don’t like them.

We can’t take a week off from work without asking our boss.

Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 gives teens the skills, knowledge and motivation for making wise relationship choices.