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"The family and their representatives are cooperating fully with the ongoing criminal investigations of two Rutgers University students," the statement said.

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The roommate, Dharun Ravi, agreed and went down the hall to friend’s room, according to fellow students and law enforcement officials. A post on his Facebook page said, "jumping off the gw bridge sorry." Today, family, friends and law enforcement officials were still trying to piece together the complex story of sex, voyeurism and social networking that ended with the arrest of two Rutgers freshmen and the apparent death of an accomplished 18-year-old violinist.There, he remotely turned on a webcam and — either deliberately or accidentally — watched Clementi in a sexual encounter with another man over the internet. "Tyler was a fine young man, and a distinguished musician. This time Ravi failed, but he told all 148 followers on his Twitter account when to log on to a live video chat to watch. Two days later, police said Ravi tried to use the webcam again to catch his roommate in a sex scene.News 3 is also getting a closer glimpse into the kindling that sparked the entire trial: dash cam video from Valentine's Day 2016.

In the video, Pierson is shown walking up to a black Ford sedan on the side of the road.

The group of looters broke through the front window and were seen walking in and then walking out with stolen items.

They then began looting a Foot Locker and Cash America Pawn store in the same area.

" the woman asked the ex-deputy."Oh yes, I do," Pierson responded. Blonde is kinda my thing."At one point the woman called Pierson a derogatory term."You have no filter? "I'd be very bad.""Or good, very good," the woman responded."Yeah, I can be very good at being bad," Pierson said."Yeah me too!

" the woman said."What do you like, filter or no filter?

Brody admitted that Pierson's mentality was sometimes reflected in recorded conversations during traffic stops.