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” I would like to share with you from God’s Word how enthusiasm can change your life.

Filled with enthusiasm, he bounced into the church’s very high pulpit, looked at the congregation and began to speak: “Behold, I come….” Then he froze, forgetting what he was supposed to say next.

Trying not to panic, he told himself that if he would just sit down for a moment the words would come back to him.

When God calls, we lift each other up, finding ingenious “ways out of no way” That’s the kind of church community I want to call home! I close with a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye, favorite Palestinian- American poet.

Interview with Krista Tippett, Tutu tells a story of his days serving a church in Soweto during apartheid.

I wonder at that kind of generosity About the the deeper healing of the heart, mind and soul we are called to as disciples As neighbors As the unnamed “God-Carriers” (as Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes the human person) Archbishop Desmond Tutu says, “Each single one of us is said to be of infinite worth…

each one of us is a god carrier, each one of us god’s (co-partner). ” Healing happens in profound ways when we carry one another- And also when we let ourselves be carried for a while, too.climbing up digging their way through the mud with bare hands lowering this wounded soul to the feet of Jesus. Not one of these unnamed characters turned away And said, “ too crowded here, Let’s try tomorrow!” They knew what the authority to care asked of them…His voice making a way out of no way across the barriers set up to silence him.A crowd of 40,000 showed up on this spring morning to hear Robeson’s deep, bass voice soar for peace and justice.So he sat down for a moment, then bounced up, rushed back into the pulpit and said, “Behold I come….” Again nothing came.