Cm error while updating java lang numberformatexception

Number Format Exception: For input string: "/F" at Standard Pipeline.invoke(Standard at Standard Host Valve.invoke(Standard Host at org.apache.catalina.connector. Processor Task.process(Processor at Default Protocol Filter.execute(Default Protocol at grizzly.

Number Format Input String(Number Format at 00000(Unknown Source) at org.zefer.pd4c.close(Unknown Source) at org.zefer.pd4 Coyote Service(Coyote at org.apache.catalina.connector. Coyote Adapter.service(Coyote at enterprise.v3. Container Mapper.service(Container at Processor Task.invoke Adapter(Processor at Default Protocol Chain.execute Protocol Filter(Default Protocol at grizzly.

To be extra safe, I changed the value for this property at ALL the Nodemanager’s ★ = the user posted between 0 and 30 posts ★★ = the user posted more than 50 posts ★★★ = the user posted more than 100 posts ★★★★ = the user posted more than 200 posts ★★★★★ = the user posted more than 500 posts ★★★★★★ = the user posted more than 1000 posts ★★★★★★★ = the user posted more than 2000 posts ★★★★★★★★ = the user posted more than 5000 posts Hi, I am using Talend for the first time and upserting some data from Oracle to Salesforce. PHUpload.main( in component t Map_1 While using the t Map and working with date fields I am getting the Integer.parse Int(Unknown Source)at routines.system. Fast Date Parser$Date Parser.parse(Fast Date Talend Date.parse Date(Talend routines. Talend Date.parse Date(Talend ph.phupload_0_1. PHUpload.t Oracle Input_4Process( ph.phupload_0_1. PHUpload.t Salesforce Connection_1Process( ph.phupload_0_1. PHUpload.t Set Proxy_1Process( ph.phupload_0_1. Number Format Exception: For input string: "25/0"at Could you please refer to below script and advise how script will need to be modified in order to avoid current error?

------------------- dojo.provide("providers.script. Time Stamp Test"); (function() )(); ------------------- as you might already know, the value "false" wouldn't match the expected "timestamp" and hence the format error.

please if any body faced this issue before help and here is my code /* * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor.

PD4Page Mark;/** * * @author Anas */public class Pdf { protected static int user Space Width = 638; protected static Dimension format = PD4Constants.

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Protocol Chain Context Call(Protocol Chain Context at grizzly.