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The person at the headquarters apologized and I was able to keep the store credit AND get a refund mailed to me.The young girl who calls herself a manager needs to be fired, she had no clue, was rude, and childish.She claimed that it was the last one and it was my size since an XS was similar to a 34B and they werent going to be getting any more in so I bought it, not knowing that the top was .00 after I checked out. And of course I took the tag off since they always put it in an awkward spot in the armpit, making it nearly imposible to try on properly.

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Yesterday, after countless searches for the perfect swimsuit, I setteled on one at VS after being pretty much talked into getting it from the sales rep.

Then here comes the bombshell..says oh you paid with a check I don't know what to do now let me ask the manager.

The manager says "hmmm, I'm not sure either, but I'm pretty sure you will have to do a store credit because it was a check." Well, I pointed out that the check was written exactly 12 days ago----plenty of time for the check writing waiting period to pass.

I hope she loses her job and learns the RETURN/REFUND policy next time she takes on a position at ANY STORE.

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