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What you don’t need is a pat on the back saying you’re great when you’re lazy and entitled and a whiner.No, what you need is something that comes from someone that pity you. It’s giving them something they haven’t earned, be it praise, money, a title, or even a compliment.We sympathize with those who do wrong because we don’t want to be politically incorrect.

We don’t have to work, instead we can get by on subsidies.

We don’t have to sacrifice because our modern world is incredibly safe.

No, you are not perfect just the way you are, nor are you special, though you are unique.

To be perfect how we are would nullify the need for improvement, and improvement is necessary.

It’s that pain that failure brings that will make you never want to feel that pain again, which will spur you on to work harder, to become more disciplined, or to seek out something that you are good at and apply the same work that the fella who won the race did, to what you are talented at. Alas, the notion that God only burdens you with what you can handle is true if you deem it to be true, as Lincoln did.

If you hit rock bottom, you’re depressed, the world feels not filled with color, but grey and bland and pointless, by all means talk to a doctor, seek help, but seek help from those that will challenge you, not those that will excuse you from life and ask nothing of you. (Read this: A Man’s Guide to Defeating Depression)He used his depression to give him perspectives that others didn’t have. They saw challenges as their escape rather than depression as their end.The reality may be that their start was shit, but excusing them from life is to toss them into a pit like the Spartans did with their weak and feeble and disfigured.To challenge them, though it may be tough and politically incorrect, is to respect them, you, us all enough to expect something greater than where they began.He needed someone to force him to read and to love reading and to open his mind to things none of his other peers even thought were possible because they were pitied rather than challenged.No matter what your preschool teacher said, you are not special.Looking back, no one would ever see Theodore Roosevelt as disadvantaged, though the young fella was born weak and sickly and almost entirely set in his bed nursing one of his many ailments.