Dating high maintenance men

2.) A man who is easily threatened by a woman's success, professionally or otherwise.

- examples: who drives to visit whom more often, who pays, who makes more sacrifices, who gets to choose how mutual time is spent (his activities vs.

her activities), who has more limits (e.g., she has to call/be home by a certain time, but he can do whatever the hell he wants).

3.) A man who wants a groupie MORE than he wants a partner - needs to be fawned over, told how impressive he is, how strong and manly he is... While I wouldn't want this, many women I know would revel in the opportunity to run his life for him. Is this a sign of high maintenance or of a low life.

* gag *Sounds like you married out of you "league" and he is using this for a regular ego boost. Perhaps my comment to point on also have a bearing here too. What I would consider "high maintenance" is what I see regularly.

But did you know there is also the high maintenance man? Sarcasm and cynicism are tools widely wielded by the high maintenance man.

They’re a different breed altogether, but their behaviour is just as consuming. If you’re wondering if your man is high maintenance think about a future event with friends or family.

" When I think about a man being high maintenance, I think he is.... Emotionally needy (needs regular affirmation that you are happy with them) 2. Very Jealous These traits are a total turn-off, IMO.

How do you describe a High Maintenance Another thread about High Maintenance women caught my interest and I thought to myself, "Men can be pretty high maintenance also!

It’s the cumulation of living with these contortionist adjustments, day-in day-out, that becomes a huge problem. You’ve created a monster by allowing this behaviour to continue, so now it’s time to establish some healthy boundaries.

All those things you’ve stopped doing because of him? Yes there’ll be drama from his end, but you can’t buy into it.

A lazy guy who works sporadically outside the house and not at all, in it.