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According to the family's friends, Eliza was suffering from high temperatures before they left for their holiday.After their local GP reassured Eliza's parents that she was safe to fly, they decided to go ahead with their plans.► Deaf Students: "Do you have Deaf students in your ASL classes? " ► Delayed Speech (a brief personal account) ► Delimitations of Signs ("sign delimitations") ► Dentistry and the Deaf ► Dining, Deaf ► Differences between signs taught by teachers► Directionality (verb agreement)► Disability: "Deafness as a Disability" / 2● Discourse / Conversation negotiation techniques► Distinctions project► Driving and the Deaf | Drivers Licenses | Driving Schools and the Deaf Documentation Form► Dogs: "Hearing Dogs" | Canine Sign Language | Deaf Dogs | Dogs and Sign Language | Canine Companions for Independence | ► Driving: "Deaf Drivers"► Drug Awareness and Treatment Services for the Deaf in a Hearing World (also see: Substance Abuse) ► Drug Abuse and Deaf People ► Drugs, Alcohol, and the Deaf ► Dummy Hoy and Dummy Taylor► Dyslexia and Fingerspelling ► Early Intervention: "Sign Language in Early Intervention" ► Eating: How do you eat and sign at the same time?

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► Abbe Charles Michel de L'Epee► ABC Stories ► ABCOS15► Abuse: "Deaf Abuse" ► Academic Diglossia ► Accents in ASL?► Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) 1 | 2 | 3 | ► Accommodating Disabled Hearing Students in the ASL classroom► Accreditation► ACTFL Guidelines ► Actresses and Actors, Deaf► Adolescent Development ► Adopt a Deaf Child / Deaf Adoption ► Adult Late-Deafened in Finland: Is Signing a Right or Privilege?It is spread through throat or nasal secretions, most commonly by kissing, coughing or sneezing.Most cases occur in young people, the elderly or those with a suppressed immune system.Yet, within hours of arriving, Eliza was rushed to the Mater Dei Hospital in Msida.

Over the past seven weeks, Eliza has suffered seizures and blood poisoning.

It is caused by a bacteria and affects approximately one-to-two people in every 100,000 each year.

One in five cases results in death even with treatment. Symptoms include high fever, drowsiness, irritability, severe headache, vomiting and a stiff, painful neck. The infection is carried by up to 40 percent of people at the back of their throats.

Your instructor can help you get involved in local Deaf events.

To find an American Sign Language class near you look in the phone book or search online to contact local agencies, such as: For more information about learning ASL, please visit the Deaf Linx Sign Language page.

The family have had their insurance claims refused twice as the company argues the youngster's illness is due to an 'underlying condition'.