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'And I would say, well are you going to address it somehow?What do you do to handle it, to get out from under it whenever it shows up?I didn't know their names until Friday, so I believe my friend. To find that empathy it requires some sort of vigilance.

And in terms of my own experience with that, and looking back on it, when there are women comics, I'm like ...I think women are funny and they've got to be able to fight it out.There was no place for them to go with these stories where they felt safe to tell them and it's f****** sad.So when it comes to, you know, believing women - I want to believe women.But in this particular instance there was no one named in that story. you are not capable of empathizing properly with women - which I don't think a lot of men are.

There was no place for women to go tell this story, there was no women attached to it. And I'm not going to speak for all men, but I can speak for myself.Maron looked up to the professor and thought that he was mentoring him, and was left paralyzed after the unwanted kiss. I said I was gonna talk about things on Twitter and not do it there because it's just a a clusterf*** of toxicity so this is where I do it, this is where I talk about things and this is where I think things through and hash things out.That experience has made Maron emphasize with the scores of women coming forward and accusing CK. 'I mean it's probably the best time to be his friend, when he needs to make changes in his life. There was a report in The New York Times, obviously you know about that, and then a day later Louis copped to it. And he's my friend and it's a difficult position to be in because I certainly can't condone anything he did.Maron gets emotional near the end of the interview, his voice breaking, as he talks about his intention to continue being a friend to CK. He did some gross s***, some damaging s***, and people are like, how are you gonna be friends with that guy? Now he f***** up and he's in big f****** trouble, so, well, what am I gonna do? I can learn from it, he can learn from it, I hope,' Maron said. There was no way to justify it, and there's no way to defend it, there's no way to apologize for him about it, there's no way to let him off the hook.But there's a lot of concern about, you know, who knew what when. Everybody knew this, everybody knew that, everybody was in on it.Maron then went into a long speech about how men tend to lack empathy with the trials that women face in the workplace.