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On reaching level 10, a Warlock will have to decide on a specialization. If you still want to play for the above classes, we suggest you choose a Dark or neutral race. ‘We advise, we suggest, you had better…’ Yeah, right. I’ll be the first Dark Elf among your cute-and-cuddly Paladins. Controls the amount of weight a character can carry. Intellect: increases the character’s ability to learn non-combat and magic skills. He’s a caster: a character with the ability to cast spells as his preferred method of attack. Deep inside, I’d had a nagging feeling that either the chip or the patch would let me down despite all the testing, throwing me out of FIVR four hours later. Shuffling his worn-out sandals, he walked around me, shaking his head with disapproval. The young Elf has decided to defect and follow the Fallen One? They’d hover around for a few weeks before disappearing from sight. It was my own choice to follow the path of a warlock and with any luck, I shall prove it to you soon.” The goblin’s grim stare bored a hole in me. Quest type: general Execution conditions: may vary Reward: unknown They were all raving mad here.

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Strength, 3 I needed some to lug around my gear and the loot dropped by monsters. I played with the scroll boxes choosing a build similar to my own. These days even pocket calculators came with cameras so I shouldn’t have been surprised to have found one inside the capsule. Then the world gained light and color, smothering me with its beauty. I opened my shoulder bag and discovered a water flask and a piece of bread. It wouldn’t be cool to rush to the store every time I got myself a dagger or some ore. Okay, so I did add a bit of muscle here and there and made the six-pack more pronounced. With any luck, I’d end up living in this body happily ever after. The menu offered a lengthy choice of premade portraits in various stages of cuteness or brutality. Another prompt popped up: Food plays an important role in the Desolate era territories. In order to be able to make your own food, you need to practice the cooking skill. For a second, I regretted letting the rabbit go unscathed. The High Elves’ religion of Gods of Light makes them a legitimate prey for all the supporters of the Fallen One. When I’d chosen the race, I’d also studied the city map. I checked the interface for its built-in compass and walked, unhurried, down the barely discernible trail. I wondered if I’d jumped the gun with my character choice considering the local visualization levels. Another step, and I entered a large room dimly lit by a single wax candle. The dagger clattered on the stone and skidded away. As I leveled up, the slowing effect would grow, ultimately freezing the target 60-70%, and that could save my skin quite a few hundred times. From what I could remember from the official guidebook, I would receive 3 more talent points at level 5, and then one point for each level once I chose my specialization. Having finished, I jumped to my feet and shook the dirt off my pants. I mentally knocked on wood and started Desolate era’s game client. I fed my credit card information into the registration form and, ignoring the endless scroll of the world’s description, headed straight for the character generation menu. “High Elf.” For your information: High Elves are recommended for experienced players only. And the worst was still to come: graveyards and zombies, and the tombs of the undead. I made a shaky step or two, guided by the fire gleaming within its bowels. The latter could deal more damage which was a good thing but still I was going to take the first one. The shield I could still take a bit later on one of the next levels. Cast time: 1.4 sec Mana expenditure: 14 The spell deals 8 points of magic damage to an enemy target simultaneously giving you 8 HP points. I moved my newly acquired spells into quick access slots. ” And there it was, his cave: a cliff green with age hiding in the shade of a straggling fir tree. You shouldn’t listen to everything your priests tell you. Lots of little tactics and combinations made it perfect for anyone clever enough both with his head and his hands. And you couldn’t underestimate the importance of healing for solo classes. It created a magic shield capable of absorbing a certain amount of damage. In a moment, a beefcake Elf walked out into the open, his recognizable celebrity face distorted with fear, his childlike eyes wide open.

He’s just one of the Pantheon who lost his battle for the right to have his place in the Temple of Heaven.” Quest completion alert: Demonstrate your loyalty to the Fallen One. And the spells themselves, apart from dealing basic damage, could have some very nasty extras, from slowing life and mana to poisoning or even draining them. The damage wasn’t much but it ignored the player’s magic resistance and, most importantly, helped me heal. Intellect, 11 I splurged every remaining point on it. It was either not enough or more than you could handle. In Elven, La stands for “night” and Ith means “a child”. While I tried to fathom out that last bit, the virtuality faded, enveloping me in thick darkness. The entrance was wide enough for me not to have to duck. At the moment, I had two such spells available: a slowing one and a stronger poisoning one. Cast time: 1.5 sec Mana expenditure: 15 The spell deals 5 points magic damage every 4 sec for 16 sec. I gave it a good thought and decided to go with the healing one. He carried no arms and wore the same kind of sack shirt as myself. What I would like to know is where could I study Warlocks’ magic skills? I am tired.” The goblin turned his back while a mysterious force grabbed my elbows and dragged me along the passage before pushing me out. I need to ask you about the Guild…” I tried to shove my head back inside but the invisible taut wall pushed me away. It also offered quite a few buffs and bonus items for your raised pets. “I thank you for your lesson and your gift, Sir Grym. The summoning line had a choice of skills on higher levels that would increase your raised monsters’ power. Although the city itself is well-fortified against the Fallen One and his henchmen, the neighboring locations can already bring encounters with beings of the Dark. This what might seem like a negligible bonus had compelled me to choose an Elf. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. There is a cave not far from the place where you first arrived in this world. Local peasants think he’s mad and shy away from his company. Unfortunately, time was an issue so I had to leave Googling it till later. I had to play blind – no guides, no manuals or prompts. Having said that, many an unexpected surprise could open to the newly initiated. Failing everything else, I could do with a stick but the forest was clean and neat like a parkland—not a broken branch in sight. Another couple hundred paces, and the trees gave way revealing a gloomy opening. Ancient trees rose skywards, their trunks silver with moss. Deep in thought, I kicked a toadstool or some such mushroom and volleyed it right into the wide hollow of a gnarled oak tree. Then a shadow stirred in the corner and stared at me with two odd-color eyes. ” I asked, not quite sure, and stepped back, feeling the air around me for something heavy enough to pass for a weapon.