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She smiled again, and said that they were farmed out at friends’ houses, so that she could run errands (I wondered if I was an “errand”).

The other woman’s moans as she was given a tongue-lashing were clearly evident.

Then, the scene cut to the couple, as the man sucked on the woman’s clit and lightly tongued it back and forth.

Then woman’s moans got louder and the scene cut back to the blonde.

The blonde still had one hand working on her breasts, but was now also had a hand playing with her belly, pubic hair, and, every once in a while, dipping down to rub along her downy-haired slit.

She has blond hair, large breasts, a flat stomach, fairly wide hips, and a lovely, heart-shaped ass. However, Dave flies for one of the airlines and is often gone for a week or even more. While a three-some would certainly have been enjoyable, I had often thought about Karen and I having an encounter when Dave was gone. I had gone biking early that morning, returning at to see Karen looking good in a knee- length robe.

Believe me, I’ve enjoyed the fact that my bathroom window gives a view of their back yard, complete with Karen laying out in a skimpy bikini. She whistled at me in my biking shorts, the first indication I’d ever gotten that she was flirtatious; uncharacteristically cocky, I flashed her a smile and wiggled my rear at her, yelling out “You want it — come get it!She got up and came over to the fence, giving me a great view of her breasts, which were pressing together due to their confinement. Then, she mentioned that their pool filter was acting up and that she didn’t know how to fix it. Gallantly, however, I peered over her shoulder (ok, ok, occasionally I snuck a glance at her impressive cleavage) and paid attention.After moving around her, I looked at the pressure gauge, which was way too high, and cleaned out the trap, which was clogged with bits of leaves and grass.I set down my brush and pot of goop and went over and stood on the diving board, which gave me a view over the cinderblock fence.Karen was lying out about ten feet from me, at an angle, facing towards me, her eyes closed.The other advantage to the bathing suit, of course, was that I could jump in the pool whenever I got too hot (as, shortly, I was going to get).