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Sunday was my actual birthday and I celebrated by having breakfast with an old friend and catching a few movies with my son.

So she tries to remain under the radar, but always keeps an eye out for signs of his return. He decides that he’s going to convince her to come back to him and prove that he loves her.

And if she refuses to return his affection, he’ll kill her.

If you always choose where to eat, what the person wears, and how they behave is that really love?

Sounds more like a textbook abusive relationship with a narcissistic asshole, right?

It takes that much time for his influence to wear off.

He takes off her mental leash to prove that she has the same feelings for him. Kilgrave discovers that Reva Connors has a thumb drive containing footage of the experiments he underwent as a child. He controls Reva to show him where she’s hidden it, and after Jessica uses her own super powers to punch through concrete to retrieve it, Kilgrave tells Jessica to kill Reva.

The lengths he goes to to convince Jessica that his love for her is real and that she has real feelings for him beyond fear and hatred are mind-blowing.

Creepy as Hell given the circumstances, but no less impressive.

But not before threatening to kill and killing a bunch of other people. Well, it seems legit if you’re a mentally ill control freak hellbent on forcing someone to love you. He knows that his ability to control her isn’t working like it did before.

So instead of controlling her, he comes up with an elaborate plan to control everyone else around her. Since he can control anyone in range of his voice, it is impossible to guess who is under his control.

In those 12 hours Jessica remembers all of the terrible things he has done to her, but instead of running right away, she allows him to believe that he is right. Which she does by punching her so hard that she is thrown into the path of an oncoming bus. Kilgrave is freaked out by the fact that she won’t respond to him.