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The laboratory-certified woke visuals strip the song of whatever scant nuance it had, which was almost nonexistent to begin with.'Supplies' sees Timberlake gather together President Trump, #Me Too, #Black Lives Matter, the threat of nuclear war, Big Pharma and gun laws, and run them through a lukewarm pop-trap song that would normally sink on Soundcloud.May 2007: Biel and Timberlake take things to the next level with a trip overseas.

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It's possible Jessica and Justin were talking Christmas gift ideas? For 10 years now, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been a fixture of Hollywood romance. There's practically a new adorable sound bite uttered each day. For as long as they're together, they'll keep dropping Instagram PDA and adorable quotes.JT stares numbly at a wall of TV screens apparently showing trending topics on loop. He raps at an all-female rally, deadlifted by a woman wearing a 'PUSSY GRABS BACK' t-shirt.

He beats up whited out fashionistas/security guards.

Showing no signs of the “modern Americana with 808s” he's promised on his new album to hear that), 'Supplies' should just be a forgettable track rather than a horrifying one, but that's where the music video comes in.

Dave Meyers, the music video director of the moment who was behind Kendrick Lamar's sensational 'HUMBLE.' one, was brought on board, clearly given a misguided brief but not able to turn things around no matter how many incredibly expensive visual set-ups he threw at it.

October 2008: The couple that votes together, stays together? Justin and Jessica show their support for Obama at a rally in Las Vegas.

December 2008: Jessica tells the UK edition of , "Justin Timberlake is the one part of my life that I own." And how does JT feel about that, Jess?

February 2010: Jessica tells Vogue that Timberlake is "the most precious thing I have in my life." January 2011: After reports that Justin cheated on Jessica with Oliva Munn in October 2010, rumors surface that the "Sexy Back" singer was continuing to carry on a textual relationship with the up-and-coming actress.