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It is a Self-Designated-Medical-Specialty; an AMA term used to keep track of what any group of doctors is calling themselves. Our best and our brightest are being subjected to substandard care without any oversight or accountability. I do hope, however, that others will join me in an effort to pull the curtain back on these programs and perhaps save other lives.

In fact, American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABMS) “board certification” is little more than a diploma mill. But one major problem I have heard over and over again from physicians forced into these programs is an absolute lack of justice, empathy and even civility by those in charge. Karen Miday whose son Greg died by suicide after having a Corona in Peurto Rico while on vacation: My physician son died of suicide 2 years ago while being monitored by the Missouri PHP. His phone calls to the PHP were the last ones he ever made. Karen Miday, MD, Cincinnati, OH Misconduct, fraud, and even crimes are being reported.

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