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I often tell women who are dating to focus on the friendship.

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MK, you and John Luke have both shared that purity in dating was a first priority, and that dating was the best time to learn to develop communication while focusing on building your friendship – an important foundation that would last a lifetime!For our readers who are single, dating or engaged, can you share some practical advice on ways you both “redeemed the time”? John Luke is super creative and loves to think outside of the box.When it comes to sin, sometimes we slip up and say “I can’t believe I just did that,” and other times we willingly walk into situations that set us up for failure.I feel like this frequently happens with believers when it comes to sexual sin. When my husband and I were dating, we had a motto: We intentionally planned activities so that we would not just sit around each other’s houses fighting the temptation to make out.A favorite dating memory of mine was a trip we took overseas.

We were really blessed to be on the same art trip with our school to Italy, and one of my favorite memories was sitting together on the bus and taking turns asking questions and getting to know each other as we traveled around the city. Marian: My husband Justin and I also have fun memories of traveling and asking get- to-know-you questions.

For me, home was a tiny town called Delhi, Louisiana, which was an hour drive from where John Luke lived in West Monroe.

I started my sophomore year of high school, but at the end of that year my parents decided to transfer my younger sister and me to a private Christian school in Monroe, Louisiana, called OCS, which also happened to be where John Luke went to school.

Mary Kate: It’s so crazy to me to realize that this Valentine’s Day will only be our third Valentine’s Day together. It’s weird because I feel like we’ve been married forever haha. We met nearly five years ago at a Christian summer camp back home in Louisiana.

I grew up going to King’s Camp and John Luke grew up at his family’s camp about 40 miles away, but one summer he decided to try out King’s Camp.

He loved surprising me with things I would never think of (and still does! One time, John Luke drove over to my house with a new sailboat he had bought the month before at the beach; we put it in on the lake where I lived and would just sail around for the afternoon.