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He was constantly experimenting with electronic sounds, and could actually visualize their shapes!

Music exams in UK and Ireland - entry information Note: you can request confirmation that your application form has been received by including a stamped addressed envelope with your application.Otherwise you should expect an appointment to be confirmed around three weeks in advance of the exam date.It nearly drove me mad at the time, but now I miss the pops and squeals emanating from his studio which has transformed into a magnificent shrine to his genius.Ray had a vision of a super synth that he christened the Monster Synth. He said the Monster was the most powerful synth in the world and could recreate any sound. It was his baby and once again he was a one man show. He joked that he was head janitor, mail boy, web designer and CEO!We started Ditto to give other unsigned artists the chance to release and promote their tracks, and take control of their own music career.

Since we established Ditto Music all those years ago, we’ve helped over 150,000 independent musicians kick-start their careers, promote their music and sell their tracks, including massive artists like Ed Sheeran, Royal Blood and Stormzy.

Each centre has a local representative who can assist you in entering for an exam.

The local representative will organise the enrolment and scheduling of the exam, as well as making sure your results and certificates are sent to you after the exam.

When the last component is soldered and the last bug is found and fixed, it's time to realize the purpose of all your hard work and actually produce "electronic sound" with your gear.

I'm not going to call it "music" because music is a very subjective term. A jet going over in the distance might evoke a feeling for someone else. Some atonal, some musical others more environmental in nature. When MFOS projects call for CMOS ICs Always buy the buffered type (CD4013BCN for example).

Maker Media was kind enough to provide me with an MP4 of the webcast which I have posted on You Tube. If your school or university has a place where they allow you to put commercial posters I would appreciate it if you printed this one out and hung it up. I thought Ray was the most talented kid in the world and I recognized his genius when no one else could see it.