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Microplastics were not found deeper than 3.5 ± 0.5 cm.

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Three bank-cut sites from Rock Creek’s stream channel in Lake Vera’s lake bed were used to stratigraphically map and date unique layers in the lake bed; this was complemented with 137Cs radionuclide dating.

Direct analysis of Lake Vera’s inflows, Rock Creek and Brush Creek, spanning the 2010–20–2012 rainy seasons measured each stream’s discharge and turbidity at times of sediment deposition in the lake.

This accuracy is generally reasonable for sediment transport under current and waves, which is very complex and little understood.

Size-gradation effect on sand transport rates under oscillatory sheet-flows.

The hiding, exposure, and armoring among different size fractions in the nonuniform bed material may significantly affect sediment transport, morphological change, bed roughness, wave dissipation, etc. 25 rd Coastal Engineering Conference, ASCE, Orlando, USA, 3791-3804.

It is necessary to develop multiple-sized sediment transport capacity formula to improve the accuracy and reliability of coastal analysis tools. (2000) formula, which was developed for river sedimentation, is herein extended to calculate multiple-sized sediment transport under current and waves for coastal applications.

Lake Vera is a man-made reservoir located on Rock Creek in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Nevada County, CA.

This reservoir provides an opportunity to investigate the effects of natural and anthropogenic processes on reservoir sedimentation rates and provenance through a combined stratigraphic analysis, radionuclide Cesium- 137 (137Cs) dating study, hydrologic analysis, and provenance study.

An understanding of the distribution and accumulation of this form of pollution is crucial for gauging environmental risk.

Presented here is the first record of plastic contamination, in the 5 mm–250 μm size range, of Irish continental shelf sediments.

Methods have been developed in this study to determine the bed shear stress due to waves only and combined current and waves, and in turn to compute the bed-load and suspended-load transport rates using the Wu et al. 23 rd Coastal Engineering Conference, ASCE, 2015-2029.