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Olive Dating is an online dating website and friend finder for military singles and those that want to meet them.We are there to help you find love, friendship or just a casual fling.They say the eyes are the window into the soul – perhaps that’s the reason?

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The good news is that you can let your crush know how you feel without actually telling them.The reason a lot of us don’t want to show our crushes how we feel is because we’re scared of rejection.According to various psychological studies, the closer you physically get to a person, the more chance that they’ll like you.This is true not only in terms of people you know, but also strangers.Whenever you’re stood or seated next to someone, you will begin to like them more.

The reason for this is simple; the more familiar with a person we become, the more we start to like them.Don’t stress, as actually there’s a study that says your crush is more likely to have positive feelings towards you if you keep them guessing.So if you really don’t want to let them know that you like them, don’t worry because they may end up liking you even more anyway.If you want your crush to like you, make an effort to be as physically close to them as possible – without being creepily close, that is.Catch their eye One of the best ways to show your crush that you like them is by catching their eye.So whether you are single woman or man, and are Army, Navy, RAF, Police or looing for a man in uniform, come and look around.