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If you're under pension age, you must write to us if you want your claim to be backdated.We can sometimes backdate your claim for up to six months from the date we receive your written request for backdating if there're continuous good reasons for why you didn't claim earlier.There are no formal time limits on making a backdate request, but there are limits on the maximum period that a benefit and support claim can be backdated.

We'll send you a new Council Tax bill for the year showing the reduction and any unpaid balance.If you're of pension age, we'll automatically backdate your new claim by up to three months from the date we receive your claim.If you're already receiving Council Tax Reduction and need to tell us about a change see changes of circumstance.You can claim Council Tax Reduction if you’re responsible for paying the Council Tax for the property you live in.You can't get Council Tax Reduction if: Use our benefits calculator to see if you might get help with Council Tax costs.

Claim Council Tax Reduction We’ll tell you our decision within 21 days of receiving your claim.Backdating - Housing Benefit - Working Age With effect from 1 April 2016, the maximum period for which Housing Benefit claims may be backdated for working age claimants reduces from six months to one month.This applies to all backdating requests made on or after 1 April 2016.You will need to write to us stating your reasons why you think that your claim should be backdated.You will need to supply documentary proof of your income and savings for the period you are asking to be backdated.If you require assistance with a backdate request you may can contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau for advice.