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Eventually the parent in this relationship grows tired of taking care of the child.

I’m not saying these people are incapable of growth, healing, and change.

But these negative issues can only be repaired with significant effort on the part of those who suffer from them.

I’m not just talking about the big ones we hear about: drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex, or porn.

Any activity, substance, object, or behavior that is a controlling focus of a person’s life can be an addiction (shopping, fitness, sports, etc.).

Don’t think for a moment can change a person with the following traits.

You will do better to keep looking than to invest a-lot of time with Red-Flag People who exhibit the following ten characteristics.So, how do you decide who to date, who to engage as a friend only, and from whom you should walk away while muttering under your breath, “No way, Jose!” Sometimes you won’t know the answer until you’ve been around a person once or twice.The longer you’re with this person, the more dangerous it becomes.It’s like lighting a fuse on a stick of dynamite in your hand and saying, “I’ll put out the fuse before it blows.” You may think that with just a little more time and love, you can win over the spiritual dud to your worldview. I believe the Bible is God’s Word, so when he tells us not to be “unequally yoked” there’s a good reason (2 Corinthians ).There’s an old saying: “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” People who seem to be too good to be true usually are.