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It, too, calculates risk of cardiovascular disease, and also includes additional risk factors not used by Framingham (family history and social deprivation).The original ASSIGN score uses SIMD deprivation scores from 2004, but this website uses SIMD scores from 2006 in line with the official ASSIGN website.For instance, a person treated with antihypertensives will have a higher risk for a given blood pressure than an individual with the same blood pressure who is not on treatment.

Similarly, the "non-smoker" risks are not the same as those achieved by simply stopping smoking.

A non-smoker will be at lower risk than an ex-smoker (especially in the early years following smoking cessation).

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This calculator can compute risk values using the Framingham equation, the formula used by the Joint British Societies (JBS) which is derived from Framingham, and the Scottish ASSIGN score. Until recently, the majority of people probably used the Framingham equation for calculating cardiovascular risk.

Current UK guidelines recommend risk stratification based on the probability of cardiovascular disease (as opposed to coronary heart disease or other outcomes). The Framingham equation has the advantage of allowing calculations over various time periods (4 to 12 years) and for different outcomes: cardiovascular disease, stroke, coronary disease, myocardial infarction and death from either coronary or cardiovascular disease.

The ASSIGN score was developed in conjunction with the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network, to address the issue that the Framingham equation may not accurately calculate risk in other populations.

ASSIGN is therefore tailored to the Scottish population.

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As such, the LVH and diabetes risk factors originally incorporated in Framingham, are not included in the JBS charts as these patients are automatically considered high risk.