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It stayed in the school's library from 2008 to 2013, and then was moved to Emerson's Los Angeles center to make more room for things, like books.

Knowing that the set was still lying around was part of what inspired Mutchnick to revive the show, first for a viral video to support Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, and now for the additional episodes.

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NBC is reviving its must-see-TV classic for 12 new episodes this fall.Everyone remembers the basics: best friends Will, a gay man, and Grace, a straight woman, live and love in Manhattan with their quirkier friends Jack and Karen.Sean Hayes is opening up about when he decided to come out as gay.The actor took part in a “Will & Grace” panel during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Thursday to promote the fall return of the series that ended its initial run in 2006.To this day he feels burned by a story that ran in this magazine in anticipation of the series finale of Will & Grace. I never have had a problem saying who I am,” he states. Which says much about how even in the 1990s, gay celebs felt pressure from the gay community to say it loud and say it proud.

Titled “Sean Hayes: The Interview He Never Gave,” the one-page “Q&A” was a clip job of quotes he’d given to other publications through the years that made him look rather silly for pretending no one knows he’s gay. Finally, Hayes gets to his true point: “I feel like I’ve contributed monumentally to the success of the gay movement in America, and if anyone wants to argue that, I’m open to it. Websites like ours, then, haven’t made it any easier — but as the media environment changes, so too must celebrities looking to court it for work. That's definitely enough to afford to live in the apartment Will and Grace shared in the show.that after eight seasons, it felt "natural" and like "a good time" to end the show.Co-star Megan Mullally (Karen Walker) said she doesn’t appreciate the flak that Hayes received from some people who thought that he should have come out sooner.“It’s nobody’s business what anybody’s sexual orientation is, and I thought that Sean really took a lot of heat and was under a great amount of pressure to come out, and I was offended by that,” she said.While many people speculated about his sexuality, he preferred not to reveal details about his personal life to the public before a 2010 interview with .