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If you give 25 for 5 months I would like to continue or cancel it and they will offer your that price. Of course, they tried to sell me the expensive package. We were given the 6 month discount for the Select service. By Anonymous, 2 years ago I just called asked for a supervisor and I still didn't get the promo.

I’m excited to do it on Sirius XM without having to interrupt anyone or keep things clean.On June 6, radio host Taylor Strecker came out publicly on her program, “Wake Up With Taylor,” about her first­-ever female relationship after a five-year marriage to a man -- who she affectionately calls her “was­band.”Strecker grew up outside of Boston in a idyllic Catholic household in small town Cohasset, Massachusetts.I'm sure they were sitting right next to each other. By Anonymous, 11 months ago I got the same deal yesterday for 25 for 5 months. Had to get transferred to the account suspension and cancellation department before they would honor the deal. By Anonymous, 2 years ago I just got off the phone with them and they extended my service six months for a total (with taxes) of .60. By Anonymous, 2 years ago We recently bought a vehicle with Sirius and when the subscription expired, we called to renew. If the customer service says we cannot give you that promotion so tell them to cancel the service and they will transfer to anothe rep and he will offer you first &99/year price which you say I don't want it. They initially tried to sell me on an annual rate of , but when I pushed them that I was either needing another promotion or I was canceling. : DBy Anonymous, 2 years ago Just called Sirius to renew trial package. The person I talked to was very helpful and cordial. I just bought a 2012 sub and wanted to activate my XM. He is also very much like his two namesakes, in his mischievous and trouble-making nature.

He is shown to be very teasing, particularly towards his younger brother, often making comments to worry him about Hogwarts.A few days before the match, his father introduced him and his younger brother Albus to the Bulgarian National Quidditch team Seeker, and an old associate of his father, Viktor Krum.Contemporaries at school include his cousins Victoire and Rose Granger-Weasley, as well as Draco Malfoy's son Scorpius, though they are in different years. See Website for complete [terms and conditions] To see the offer: After 45min-1hr and speaking with 2 reps who gave me a hard time about not being able to give me the 6mos for 24.99 for various reasons I spoke to the third rep who tried to tell me it was no longer in effect.He gave me the deal after trying to tell me that he couldn't. After going back and firth, we finally got down to 29 then she wanted to penalize me for paying by check. After being on hold 15 minutes, I called from another phone, while still on hold with the first lady.