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Being turned into the CEOs attack dog didn’t really help matter much either.I felt more like an Eye of Sauron than an assistant most days.

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Most of these women seem to keep the crazy confined to their online dating profiles profiles, but those are some real doozies.

Even if you can’t find someone emotionally stable and actually single, at least pretty girls abound on internet dating sites.

You dive into the world of online dating and you come across profiles like this quite a bit: Or even worse: After a month of so on Okcupid, Po F, and other sites I find out that I am completely and totally out of my fucking element.

In college, I had girlfriends, but the nature of Isla Vista, CA isn’t really conductive to dating. In the mortgage industry as an Executive Assistant, I barely had enough time to eat, let alone date.

Suddenly my 70 hour weeks became 90-100 hour weeks.

The only females I interacted with were my Worse, the constant stress of the start-up world turned me into something un-datable. Sometime in those 6 years, I managed to slip two disks in my low back.

The only people my age, the receptionists, did their best to look busy when I was around.

Then I started my own firm and things took a turn for the worse, dating-wise.

it works just like any lame dating show you've seen on t.v...

the chooser asks stuff like "if you were an ice cream flavor, what would it be? What would you do to convince me to stop the wedding?

Being in constant pain for years does something to you, and its not good.