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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and despite startling statistics—such as nearly 60 percent of teens know someone who has been physically, sexually, or verbally abusive in a dating relationship—the good news is that adults can play a role in encouraging healthy dating behavior.So what can you do to help teens maintain healthy relationships?Or maybe it would have been a completely different story if you’d confided in someone rather than struggling on your own without any guidance?

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These sites are not dating sites and, unlike reputable online dating services, the friendship building sites rarely screen users.

All it takes to become a member is a username, a password and 5 minutes to build a profile.

Maybe you’d have been more open or honest about your feelings?

Perhaps you would have fought harder to keep something precious?

Get Involved with That’s Not Cool Throughout this month, That’s Not Cool – in partnership with Love Is Respect and Break the Cycle – will be hosting numerous activities (here’s a calendar) for you and the teens in your life to raise awareness.

Check out That’s Not Cool on Facebook and Twitter, along with following the hashtag #teen DVmonth, to stay in the loop.

One way of finding out what treasures were hidden in those early experiences is to imagine you could go back and give advice to your younger self – what would you say?

Looks Teenagers are usually painfully self conscious and this can often affect how they interact with other people.

You’d be hard pressed to find a teen who isn’t glued to their smartphone these days.

But what about that teen who’s being bombarded with text messages from a significant other – is that just normal behavior or perhaps a sign of “textual harassment”?

Beyond just this month, you can also become an adult ally of That’s Not Cool and encourage the teens you know to become an ambassador.