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At this point, I was going to insert a video of archetypal pre-hipsters Chas and Dave performing Roll Out The Barrel but it's a bit too Dick Van Dyke for my liking. Then one day some bugger invents barrel-sized containers made from plastic and stainless steel, and the entire cooperage trade is laid waste within half a generation. I'm (thinks quickly, decides to use Starbucks name) "Alex". Then they will laugh at the comedy of the mobile computing section, watching archive film of people using portable computers that were so big they were as big as a lap! Visitors will nod and sympathise with those born into the bad old days. By using this feature, we promise that you will meet random babes that are ready to get naked with you on cam and have an exciting and hot adventure.

Furthermore, we promise to provide lightning fast connection speeds when using our website. Heig Ugel, could you put me through to any human being whose job hasn't been replaced by a digitised moron? While the rest of the world sleeps off the previous night's excesses on Sunday morning, I'm browsing bird feeders and bottles of mead in the gift shop. Make sure you shout out the catchline at each chorus, especially loudly if you're watching this at your office desk. --- I have reached an age at which I spend weekends roaming castles, ancient stately homes and local town museums instead of going out clubbing and getting laid with the first willing participant I can find not to be subject to pet care insurance conditions. So here they are singing some other bollocks instead. Sure, some of these involved enslaving the poor in cotton mills and stuffing children up chimneys, but there were less reprehensible occupations that must have seemed invaluable to civilisation at the time but no longer exist today. It's not that I can't keep down a regular job – it's not only that – so much as any specific job I had in the past has long since evaporated. With that in mind, I think I'm going to book myself onto some more courses as whatever I'm doing today will be obsolete soon enough. Telephone operator, could you put me through to Cooperage Training Dot Com? A common feature of all these places is one or more historical exhibits concerning lost skills and bygone trades. Youtube Video As I peruse yet another History of the Cooper exhibit, my brain whispers: "That's you, that is." My means of earning a living has changed dramatically in recent years, even more so compared with the early noughties, and bears almost no relationship with what I was up to when I started full-time work after leaving university. Oh look, there's a hipster distillery down the road looking for someone to supply cask barrels.Many online dating sites claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges for features such as emailing, chat.