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At times you will be pushing through dense undergrowth and after fifteen minutes of lifting your leg over huge clumps of heather with every step you take, you might well feel like weeping and wish you had never heard of beating or shooting at all.

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He or she will be able to introduce you to a local shoot and also to let you know if your dog is up to the required standard.You can follow this link to find out more about getting into gundog fieldwork In very simple terms, each shoot ground is divided into ‘drives’.If you spend the whole day worrying about him and focusing on him you won’t be able to fully take on board any instructions you are given, or to really learn from the whole experience.If you don’t spend the whole day focusing on the dog, he will probably run riot and at best you won’t be asked back. Sometimes very steep ones that you may be required to walk up several times. If you are seriously unfit, or unhealthy, you may be putting yourself at risk.Dogs may or may not be used to aid in this process.

There is great potential for things to go wrong in a badly managed beating line.These are not pretty but they do help ensure that your trousers survive to fight another day. If this is your first time and you are not sure if you will go again, borrow some thornproofs or wear something very old that won’t matter if it rips.Beaters clothes all tend to be the same colour, a sort of sludge to olive green. No matter how wet or cold it gets, nobody gets to go home. Several thin layers under your jacket that can be removed as the temperature rises are a good idea.If you prepare yourself, you will benefit hugely from the demands of the exercise and are far less likely to be injured. A personal invite is ideal but shooting folk can be wary of strangers due to previous experiences with animal rights fanatics.You may need to gain their trust and demonstrate your enthusiasm before being asked along.So you want to go beating For many gundog owners, beating is their first introduction to the shooting scene.