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If any listed resource proves to be discriminatory, please notify me at the same email and their listing will be removed from the book.The Transgender Companion Index: Section One: Transgender Groups/Clubs Northwest Gender Alliance Rose City T-Girls Gender (Free) For All Tranz Guys Resources PDX Rose City T-Girls Cock-Sure Trans Femme Gender Queery Vancouver USA TGirls Section Two: Therapist & Medical Resources Therapists Physicians/Clinics Massage Reiki Psychic Relationships Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal Voice Training Other Section Three: Trans-Friendly Businesses The Spa Over the Rainbow Transformations Eclectic Publishing Just Out In Other Words Yoga and Pilates Crescendo Salon Cosmetics/Wigs/Jewelry Section Four: Supportive Groups-Legal Assistance PFlag SMYRC Trans Active Outside In Sexual Minorities Round Table The Living Room Legal Assistance Temporary Housing Section Five: Recommended Lists Movies Books Bars, Taverns, Lounges Restaurants and Cafes Shopping Local Websites (transgender info, TG dating services, etc.) Section Six: Spiritual & Religious Support Section Seven: Emergency Services Section Eight: Stories & Poetry by Transgendered Individuals Joyce Colson David Weekley Emily Pittman Newberry Transgender Groups/Clubs About the Northwest Gender Alliance The Northwest Gender Alliance (NWGA) of Portland, Oregon is a social, support and educational group for individuals who desire to explore and express another gender.Often a portion of the meeting is set aside for demonstrations, discussion, or a workshop on a topic such as clothing, cosmetics, feminine deportment, or legal/medical issues related to gender expression.

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With other northwest transgender groups the NWGA sponsors Esprit, an annual national convention for the transgendered community.NWGA activities provide a safe and comfortable environment for members, spouses, and friends to socialize with others who share the same interests.Most of the resources and information contained within is designed to be local references specific to the greater Portland-Vancouver area.Listings of contact information are specific to four counties: Clark County in Washington, and Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah Counties in Oregon.“The Transgender Companion” is intended for use by all transgendered individuals regardless of their particular expression of gender.

The book is written with the goal of providing a wide selection of resources and information for the various needs of transgendered individuals.

It contains articles about club activities, a schedule of events sponsored by the NWGA, notices about community events, films, plays, lectures, fashion shows, etc.) of interest to club members, book reviews, how to articles, stories, humor, and advertisements for stores, restaurants, and services that welcome the transgendered.

Spouses and partners often need support and information to help them understand and cope with gender issues in a relationship.

Some activities are private and protected; others are more public.

Participants are able to select activities that match their own levels of experience, self confidence, and comfort.

(A resource guide for the trans- community)Copyright©2012Eclectic Publishing(No material by authors within this volume may be copied by any means electronic or paper.)Preface The resources listed in this book may not be accurate due to changes in various businesses, or other logistical situations.