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Also, once you have the update installed, you need not install it again, so to have it on every game disc is redundant.It's for these reasons that the Wii System Updates are only distributed on certain, specific game discs. Nintendo does this on purpose, to ensure that anyone that's wanting to play the latest Mario Kart, or Super Mario game, will get the latest Wii System Update.

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Version 4.3U, 4.3E, and 4.3J are all the exact some update, it's just denoting what region the update was created for.If you are in the US, you never want to install an update for another region on your console as you WILL "brick" your console.As part of the update, Nintendo is now actively looking for signs that your console has been modified.If they determine your console has been modded, the system update makes changes to your console, effectively making your console useless for anything other than a large paperweight, or a brick, hence the term "bricking".For a complete list of what is in each update, go here: Menu As new system updates are released, the system update version number is increased to reference the update.

New system updates will have higher version numbers. Wii System Updates are also released for 3 regions across the world.Even if you had your console modded, and you attempted to bypass the update all together, the game simply would not play without system menu 4.3 installed.If you wanted to play the game, you HAD to install the update.NEVER, EVER, send a console you modified back to Nintendo for repair. Well, other then some of the anti-modding stuff we have already talked about, there are updates to the Wii System Menu.Past updates have seen enhancements like, more options in the Mii creation utilities, IE, more eyes, beards, hair colors, etc.3) You can use un-supported, tools that Nintendo did NOT create, to connect to Nintendo of America and install ANY Wii system menu version that you like.