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If you are comfortable with Linux, then you can have it on Windows too. If your Windows machine is connected to the Internet, then go to this website: You will see information for installing Cygwin over the Internet.

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The Instant Saxon processor is a precompiled version of Saxon 6.5.3 that runs only on Microsoft Windows.Instant Saxon relies on the Microsoft Java VM, which is no longer shipped with Windows XP but can be separately downloaded from Microsoft.You should check the details with each product that is described here, as the steps may change over time.The installation of xsltproc is platform dependent since it is a compiled C program.You will need a C compiler and associated Make tools unless you are using Windows. Cygwin is a Linux-like environment that runs on Windows.

It gives you the same command shells and utilities that are available on Linux systems.In the following procedure, any extra steps needed for Java 1.4 are called out.Xalan is very easy to install because it is a Java program and requires no compiling.Unfortunately, the version that was bundled was superceded by improved versions from Most people preferred the newer versions, but they required taking some extra steps to make sure the bundled version was not being used instead.This is the open source version of Saxon 8 that supports the emerging XSLT 2.0 standard, as well as several other new XML standards.