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That’s how it goes whenever a Sarah Mc Lachlan “Angel” commercial for the ASPCA comes on. Mc Lachlan, 47, revealed those ads have raised over million for the ASPCA.

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Tucked underneath my sheets, a Walkman safeguarded against my thumping, tabular chest, I would summon “Possession” (taped from the radio, no doubt) and squeeze my eyes shut.

My understanding of sex was that it was a gauzy, mystified thing, “Voices trapped in yearning, memories trapped in time,” she crooned, narrating the dream that shot incandescent threads beneath my skin.

Judith Rabinovitch, who is a vocal coach that I worked with when I first moved out to Vancouver.

A crazy lady with big black hair, sort of like half goth, half old school/heavy metal. They come to the table with such a broad range of skills and such dynamic personalities, which is what we need.

when the float they were standing on started to move and he lost his footing.

Tony grabbed onto the side of the float, but Miss Piggy was also right there to help him catch his balance. Don’t worry about Tony, though, because his rep says he is doing just fine.

How fortunate we are that our favorite songs are patient with us when everyone else is not.

With that in mind, she set out to record something that would make people feel the way she felt hearing the Belafonte vibe.

Straining, I could just see it: me, standing beneath vaulted stain glass, trembling in a white nightgown and grazed with deep shadow.

A figure — I rarely could discern him — ran his hands down my skinny arms, goose bumps rising at his touch. In 1999, during the summer before my freshman year of high school, I saw a preview for , starring Claire Danes.

Whether it’s a chart-topping pop pair, an R&B/hip-hop power couple or a country king and queen, it’s the natural inclination for a musically inclined romantic couple to collaborate – or for a platonic pair of singer to find love during heated recording sessions.