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We all want a taste of the forbidden, and we all want to be happy in all facets of our lives. We will have to suffer through endless blind dates, friendly set-ups and dating within the office pool. If you want to keep that great job, make sure you date someone who is your equal in the workplace. Just as with Jason and Cindy, keeping a relationship private until it is clear that it would last works.

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The definition of dating is getting to know someone to see if you want to be with them.Successful dating requires really good communication and men are terrible at that.They don’t want to talk; they just want the situation to blow over.” This is especially true of workplace romances.When things begin to go wrong, the woman may want to talk, but the man is going to shut her out. You’re always going to run into an ex; you just have to learn how to cope.” Along with learning to cope and moving on from a bad work-place date, there are steps you can take before that first date to ensure that your dating and work life will have minimal disruption. If you are certain you like the guy at the next cubicle or on the next floor, you should go for it.They agreed to keep things quiet until they knew one another better.

For Jennifer, the need to talk about her new relationship – which she thought was leading to somewhere special – was overwhelming in a short period of time.Keep it professional: Do your flirting, and your fighting, outside the office.Refrain from sexy voice mails or e-mails on company phones or computers.She left the office soon after, damaging her personal career.Although these are only two examples of office romances, they are fairly typical.Relationship expert and dating coach Patti Feinstein says dating is no longer about meeting someone interesting and seeing where that meeting takes you. Feinstein says it’s because everyone has assumptions and today, instead of slower paced lives, we live and move in fast-forward.