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Valentine’s Day seems like a great time to talk about dating.

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There we were getting to know each in the best possible conditions. I didn’t think much of it except how much of a dork I would look like falling in the water; not to mention, it would seriously ruin my hair and make-up, so I hung on to that boat like the bouquet thrown at a wedding to those unfortunately “single” souls everyone feels sorry for.I still didn’t think much of any of this though until I felt that rush of cold wetness up my back.Last Ronin Entertainment is the brainchild of Robert Le Roy, who directs and co-writes the seven web series (and also stars as Two Snakes) and Richard Hays, creator of Jonathon Moon, and producer and co-writer of the seven shows.Do you have questions about marketing to women or social media marketing or marketing to women with social media marketing?Last Ronin Entertainment is releasing Crime Scene X, a forty-part web series in September, 2010.

CSX is the first of seven weekly web series to be produced and distributed by the company.Stephanie Holland, author of the She-conomy® blog, is available on a consultant basis or can speak to your group at your next conference.DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Matthew Ashford (ex-Jack Deveraux) join the cast of musical comedy soap opera, DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES, launching July 30th online at Crime Scene X follows the strange partnership of Jonathon Moon, a late night radio talk show host known as the Prince of the Paranormal, and Tony Rustic, a hard-boiled L. detective as they pursue an extraterrestrial serial killer who seems to be headed for Moon’s secret desert studio.CSX will debut in late September and stars Frank Piciullo as Moon and Jeff Prewitt as Tony Rustic.Hopefully he was interested in the beautiful view of nature and not my lovely lady lumps.